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The Machine Arena Launches Beta Season 3

The Machine Arena Launches Beta Season 3

February 21, 2024

The Machines Arena, a top-down shooter game, has unveiled the third Beta season of its thrilling game where players clash in adrenaline-fueled combat.

The game has directed players to download the newly updated game version from Epic Games Stores and get ready to explore with a wide variety of limited-edition skins.

Players can hop into an all-new Lunar New Year-themed Pusback Map called Coalition Festival and celebrate this special moment with the "Dragon Dancer" Devol skin. During the Valentine’s period, TMA unveiled another limited-time skin: "The Amorous Archer" Noble. These Epic-rarity skins will be available for a short period until March 12.

They can also unleash TMA’s new Ops skin that symbolizes a sign of revolution necessary to reclaim the game’s origin. Players can leverage the special “Night Ops” collection of PvP skins for their heroes to stealthily style and win battles.

Mint PvP Skins on February 29

Players can begin to mint these new skins on the Ronin network starting from February 29. To spike back the competitive spirit, The Machine Arena is reintroducing Ranked PvP for participating players.

Pixels Token, $PIXEL Airdrop for $RON Stakers on Ronin Network

Pixels Token, $PIXEL Airdrop for $RON Stakers on Ronin Network

February 19, 2024

Pixels, a farming game operating on the Ronin Network, has recently distributed rewards for $RON stakers. This announcement comes as part of the game's ongoing efforts to acknowledge and reward the support of its community.

Reward Allocation and Distribution Phases

The game has allocated a total of 20 million $PIXEL for distribution among $RON stakers, to be released in two distinct phases. The first phase saw the immediate release of 10 million $PIXEL, with the remaining half scheduled for distribution in a month, pending a forthcoming announcement detailing the specific date and time.

Tier-based Reward System

A snapshot taken on February 8th at 2:00:00 GMT has categorized users into four tiers, depending on the amount of $RON staked. Each tier corresponds to a predetermined amount of $PIXEL rewards:

  • Tier 1: Stake of 1 $RON to receive 183.34 $PIXEL
  • Tier 2: Stake of 55 $RON to receive 675.75 $PIXEL
  • Tier 3: Stake of 684.64 $RON to receive 2,315.77 $PIXEL
  • Tier 4: Stake of 8,317.4 $RON to receive 3,955.11 $PIXEL

The value of the first phase of $PIXEL distributed for each tier currently sits at $57.75, $212.85, $729.47 and $1,245.86, setting the first 10 million tokens airdropped at a worth of around $6.3M.

Stakers can claim half of their designated reward immediately, with the second portion claimable provided they maintain their tier eligibility. It's important to note that the opportunity to claim these rewards expires three months from their initial eligibility date.

Claiming Process

To claim their $PIXEL rewards, users will find them sent directly to their in-game mailbox. While the rewards are expected to appear within an hour of the announcement, new users without an account can easily participate by logging in with their Ronin wallet through the Pixels game portal.

Pixels has expressed gratitude towards its community for the support, especially highlighting the significant growth following its migration to the Ronin Network. The game developers hint at the possibility of "one more surprise," signaling ongoing engagement and potential future rewards for its community members.

 Wild Forest NFT Sale on Ronin Network

Wild Forest NFT Sale on Ronin Network

February 19, 2024

Wild Forest, a free-to-play RTS on the Ronin Network, has announced its early NFT sale, starting February 22nd. The sale features a variety of NFT packs, each containing special in-game assets. The offerings include 250 Founder Packs priced at $100 each, 1,500 Premium Packs at $30, and 3,000 Standard Packs at $10 - all which are expected to be fully tradeable on the Mavis Market post-sale.

NFT Sale Details

The sale features three types of packs, each containing special in-game assets for early adopters and Beta participants:

  1. Founder Packs: Priced at $100, limited to 250 units.
  2. Premium Packs: Available for $30, with 1,500 units on offer.
  3. Standard Packs: The most accessible option at $10, with 3,000 units available.

Exclusive Content in Packs

Lord NFTs: Among the assets, 1,000 Lord NFTs will be distributed through these packs. Lord NFT owners are entitled to special perks, including exclusive benefits and priority access to Wild Forest events.

Skin NFTs: The sale also includes exclusive Skin NFTs, offering limited edition Royal Guards skins for characters such as Archer, Swordsman, Sniper, or Knight. A total of 5,000 sets are available, divided into 1,000 Legendary and 4,000 Epic sets.

Playable Unit NFTs: Mainnet Unit NFTs included in the packs will become playable characters in Wild Forest post-launch.

Pack Contents and Odds

  • Founder Packs guarantee one Lord NFT, two Legendary Royal Guards Skin NFTs, and 20 Rare Unit NFTs. The odds for Lord NFT rarities range from 65% for Rare to 5% for Mystic.

  • Premium Packs offer a 25% chance of obtaining a Lord NFT, one Royal Guards Skin NFT with varying odds for Legendary or Epic, and a mix of 10 Rare and 10 Common or Uncommon Unit NFTs.

  • Standard Packs provide a 5% chance to get a Lord NFT, one Royal Guards Skin NFT with a chance for Legendary or Epic, and a combination of 5 Rare and 5 Common or Uncommon Unit NFTs.

Wild Forest NFT Sale on Ronin Chain

Post-Sale Trading and Gameplay

Following the sale, all NFTs will be tradable on the Mavis Market, allowing players to exchange their assets freely. The Unit NFTs will become playable characters in Wild Forest upon the game's official release, adding a strategic element to the early acquisition of these NFTs.

The early NFT sale for Wild Forest not only represents a chance to secure digital assets in the game but also in a time while its peers under the Ronin Network continue to make big noise in web3 gaming.

Earn $MATIC with OnePlanet and ArcheWorld

Earn $MATIC with OnePlanet and ArcheWorld

January 24, 2024

OnePlanet, a NFT launchpad and marketplace on the Polygon network, has teamed up with ArcheWorld to create the Planet Popper program. This collaboration offers a mission-based rewards system, enabling players to earn $MATIC, on the Polygon network. The program started on January 18th and focuses on engaging users through simple yet rewarding activities.

Understanding Planet Popper

Planet Popper is designed with simplicity in mind. Players complete missions and collect planets, which can be 'popped' to earn $MATIC rewards. This system eliminates the need for app downloads or complex quests. Players can connect their wallets and participate in daily missions, providing a straightforward path to accumulate $MATIC.

Special Missions with ArcheWorld

The collaboration introduces unique missions linked to the ArcheWorld game. These missions, available for a month starting January 18th, offer players the opportunity to learn about ArcheWorld while earning $MATIC. Additional rewards are available for players who verify their ArcheWorld Land NFTs through this link.

ArcheWorld gamers can gain extra benefits. By verifying their ArcheWorld Land NFTs, they receive additional planets, increasing their chances to earn more $MATIC. Purchasing ArcheWorld NFTs on OnePlanet also leads to bigger rewards.

How to Participate

Step 1: Connect your wallet to Planet Popper

Visit and connect your wallet to Planet Popper here.

Earn $MATIC with OnePlanet and ArcheWorld

Step 2: Collect Planets

In order to collect planets, you must complete missions under the Mission List daily.

Earn $MATIC with OnePlanet and ArcheWorld

Step 3: 'Earn $MATIC Rewards

Once planets are collected 'pop' them for a chance to earn $MATIC.

Earn $MATIC with OnePlanet and ArcheWorld

Haven’s Compass Releases Free Genesis NFT Mint

Haven’s Compass Releases Free Genesis NFT Mint

January 24, 2024

Haven's Compass, a first-person shooter game, has announced a free minting session for its Genesis NFT collection in collaboration with Skale Network, a key partner from Pixel Realm (formerly NFTb). Skale Network stands out as one of the world's fastest blockchains designed for rapid, secure, and user-centric Ethereum scaling.

During the free minting session, which is set to occur, there will be 2000 Rare Genesis NFTs available, as revealed in the minting announcement. A 19-second trailer video showcasing the gameplay of Haven's Compass accompanied this announcement.

Players who own a Compass NFT will enjoy various benefits, including exclusive access to future token airdrops, free tournament entries, and a future whitelist for SKALE mints. Additional advantages encompass access to in-game usable skins and roundtable voting spots.

To secure spots for these NFTs, players must complete quests on Zealy before January 26th, 2024. They should submit their SKALE wallet (a mandatory step for whitelist eligibility), download Haven's Compass from Epic Games, and fulfill specified social tasks on X (formerly Twitter), Discord, Youtube, LinkedIn, and Telegram.

Haven's Compass intends to unveil the whitelisted players of the Free Genesis NFT minting on January 30th.

About Haven's Compass

Haven's Compass, a first-person shooter developed by Ghost Ivy Development Studio, players engage engage in tactical gameplay with high-level weapon and ability modifications.

Nyan Heroes Announces Early Access Play-to-Airdrop

Nyan Heroes Announces Early Access Play-to-Airdrop

January 17, 2024

Nyan Heroes has announced its Early Access Play-to-Airdrop, offering community members and fans the inaugural opportunity to acquire $NYN, the ecosystem token serving as the backbone of Nyan Heroes. The airdrop, described by the team as a token of gratitude, also functions as an invitation for both new and existing players to join the adventure.

To participate in the Early Access Play-to-Airdrop, players need to complete specific steps. Initially, they must engage in the community's daily buzz by following and discussing on Nyan Heroes' Twitter (now "X") and Discord channels. Additionally, they should join the official Telegram group, subscribe to social channels on Twitter, YouTube, Instagram, and TikTok, and pre-register their interest. These subscriptions play a crucial role in keeping players informed about Airdrop campaign updates and upcoming details in the following weeks.

Nyan Heroes Announces Early Access Play-to-AirdropWhile all players can participate in the Early Access Game, eligibility for additional airdrop rewards is exclusive to Nyan Heroes or Guardian NFT holders. Notably, players without NFTs can engage in upcoming events, contests, and challenges, earning top participants Genesis collection NFTs. These NFTs can be utilized during the Play2Airdrop campaign to enhance airdrop rewards, offering a significant opportunity for players to be part of Nyan Heroes' unique ecosystem.

Ultimately, players must actively promote Nyan Heroes by sharing their experiences and game content on social media. Additionally, they are encouraged to assist newcomers, share tips, and engage in intellectual discussions related to Nyan Heroes.

Synergy Land Sets To Launch Mainnet and Land Sales on February 22

Synergy Land Sets To Launch Mainnet and Land Sales on February 22

January 17, 2024

Synergy Land has announced the date for its upcoming events, set for February 22, 2024, as revealed on the gaming project's X account. On this date, two major events are scheduled: a grand Land Sale event and the Mainnet Launch. Further details about these events will be released by the team soon.

Preparations are underway for the game's mainnet release, following successful private and public playtests conducted last year.

As of now, the maximum supply and pricing for each land category remain undisclosed, and the currency for purchase has not been revealed. However, players with Badge Level 3 and above can opt to buy with SNG, the on-chain token in the dual token system. While priority/guaranteed mint spots are available for users with Level 3 badges and above, these spots are not free.

In the upcoming Land Sales, players possessing Badge Level 3 and above enjoy priority minting. These badges, including Clan Badges (Level 3), Legion Badges (Level 4), and Empire Badges (Level 5), offer epic, legendary, and unique game characters, respectively.

Interested players can acquire these badges on MagicEden.

The Land Sale infographics describe three varieties of lands: Landlord Isle, Settler Isle, and Ranches Isle. Synergy Land's world comprises four biomes, with each island representing a player's property. These islands offer spaces for production and crafting stations.

Synergy Land Sets To Launch Mainnet and Land Sales on February 22
How to Participate in the $PIXEL Token Airdrop for Pixels Game

How to Participate in the $PIXEL Token Airdrop for Pixels Game

January 5, 2024

Are you ready to dive into Pixels and snag some $PIXEL tokens in their Season 2 airdrop? Here's a straightforward guide to help you navigate through the process.

Step 1: Access Contest Via Dashboard

After logging into Pixels, head to the top right corner and click on your dashboard. Click on "Contests" on the left naviagation menu and click on "Pixels Airdrop - Season 2" to view your progress and possible ways to collect points.

$PIXEL Airdrop Season 2 Contest

Step 2: Leaderboard and Points

The airdrop is limited to 7,000 users, based on a leaderboard system. Earn points by completing various activities in the game.

Step 3: Earn Points through Activities

Land Ownership: Owning land grants 3,000 points per land.

Quests Mastery: Complete quests such as the Tutorial Quest, Sunshine Quest, Barbecue Quest, Karen's Cool, and Jihoz's Friend for points.

Connect Twitter: Engage in tweet interactions for additional points.

Level Skills: Reach milestone like Heroic Farmer, Amped-Up Miner, and Egg Collector to earn points.

$PIXEL Airdrop Season 2 Contest

Step 5: Grind for Points

If you're a dedicated player, focus on grinding game activities. This includes collecting resources like wax and wood to climb higher on specific leaderboards (e.g., Wax Extreme Whisperer, Hardwood Hacker).

$PIXEL Airdrop Season 2 Contest

Step 6: Reputation Boost

Increase your overall ranking points by boosting your reputation. This can be significantly achieved by purchasing a VIP membership in the game, which offers various benefits and a reputation boost. Players have seen over 30% in boost from holding a high repuation score or "Trust" status.

Step 7: Referrals

Refer friends to Pixels for an extra 250 points. Use referral links for an easy point boost.

$PIXEL Airdrop Season 2 Contest

Remember, the Pixels airdrop is primarily designed for active players, rewarding those who engage deeply with the game. It's a mix of owning in-game assets and hardcore gaming. If you have further questions, consider joining live streams or community discussions for real-time assistance.

Happy gaming, and good luck with your airdrop adventure in Pixels!

Age of Dino Secures $8M From Seed Round, Releases PFP Collection

Age of Dino Secures $8M From Seed Round, Releases PFP Collection

January 4, 2024

Free-to-play next-generation MMO Dinosaur-themed game, Age of Dino has secured a whooping sum of $8M from its recently completed seed round. Following the successful seed round, GamePhilos, the team behind Age of Dino is preparing the Dino PFP Collection. 

Top investors and venture capitalists including Xterio, Animoca Ventures, SevenX Ventures, Chain Hill Capital, Haskey Capital, B1V, and GSR backed the web3 strategy game. 

Age of Dino has a dualized token system that supports the use of $AOD and $DAM. While $AOD serves as a governance token, $DAM functions as a utility token across games. These tokens offer in-game utility; however, $AOD has more advantages compared to $DAM. 

Interestingly, there are two NFT collections within the AOD ecosystem namely Mechpal and Dinosaur NFT. Mechpal has a supply of 3100 NFTs with an opportunity for players to freely mint them on the OpBNB chain. Dinosaur NFT is the upcoming PFP collection attached with several in-game perks including eligibility to receive token airdrop. 

The PFP collection has a total supply of 5,010 NFTs of which only 4,010 NFTs are mintable. These mintable NFTs will be open for minting on January 10. The minting will employ an auction style where the mint price ranges from 0.20-0.59 ETH.

Age of Dino Secures $8M From Seed Round, Releases PFP Collection.png

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