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From Webcomics to Multiplayer RPG: The Rise of Kaidro

Wizardry's Leap into Blockchain with Eternal Crypt - Wizardry BC
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Wizardry's Leap into Blockchain with Eternal Crypt - Wizardry BC

February 21, 2024

Eternal Crypt - Wizardry BC, currently undergoing pre-registration campaign, integrates blockchain technology into the framework of a classic role-playing game, transitioning the series into the realm of blockchain gaming. This section of the game is based on the original Wizardry series, which began in the United States in 1981, known for its 3D dungeon exploration, party formation, and monster battles. The series has had a significant influence on the development of RPGs worldwide.

Incorporating blockchain technology, Eternal Crypt - Wizardry BC transforms the traditional RPG gameplay into a clicker game format while retaining the strategic elements of party formation and dungeon exploration. The game introduces the concept of Adventurer NFTs, which are integral to the gameplay. Players, acting as guildmasters, can recruit adventurers into their party, delve into dungeons, and seek the "Blood Crystal," a valuable resource within the game.

Adventurer NFT and Item NFT

  • Adventurer NFTs can be acquired through in-game purchases or referrals. These NFTs are essential for obtaining Blood Crystal ($BC) when equipped with alchemy power and can enhance the party's combat effectiveness.
  • Item NFTs provide various utilities, such as the introduction of new adventurers to the party or the recovery of an adventurer's mining power. These can be purchased or found within the game.

Wizardry's Leap into Blockchain with Eternal Crypt - Wizardry BC

$BC Token Allocation, Utility and Strategy

The $BC Token serves as the in-game currency, with a total issuance of 1 billion tokens. Earning $BC Tokens is contingent upon fulfilling certain conditions, such as organizing Adventurer NFTs with alchemical power and achieving new depths within the dungeon. The tokens can be used for several purposes, including purchasing items, leveling up Adventurer NFTs, and introducing new adventurers to the party.

The allocation of $BC Tokens is divided among various sectors, including an Initial NFT Offering (INO) at 20%, Game Reserve at 40%, allocations for the team 12%, marketing 5%, ecosystem reserve 5%, liquidity/listing 8%, and investors 10%.

The game plans to expand the utility of $BC Tokens within the game and its associated activities, considering additional utility options in the context of the game's media mix strategies. This includes rewards for possessing adventurer NFTs with alchemy capabilities, reaching deeper levels in the dungeon, and other achievements.

Wizardry's Leap into Blockchain with Eternal Crypt - Wizardry BC

2M $BC Token Reward Event

The pre-registration campaign, running from February 8, 06:00 UTC to February 28, 11:00 UTC, is currently open with a prize pool of 2 million $BC tokens. Participants are required to visit the pre-registration page, register using their email, and complete various missions to accumulate points. These points can then be used to engage in a gacha mechanism, offering a chance to win in-game rewards and NFTs.

About Eternal Crypt - Wizardry BC 

The IP "Wizardry" used in this work is a computer game published in the United States in 1981. Elements such as party organizing, labyrinth exploration, monster fighting, and character development had a tremendous impact on various RPGs that followed, and it is often referred to as the origin of RPGs. Numerous sequels have been released, and more than 40 years after its release, it remains a timeless masterpiece that enjoys strong popularity around the world. Eternal Crypt - Wizardry BC - is being developed as a free-to-play blockchain game based on Wizardry.

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SinVerse: A Quick Dive Into the Play-To-Earn Mafia Metaverse
Game Overviews

SinVerse: A Quick Dive Into the Play-To-Earn Mafia Metaverse

December 13, 2023

In the video we overview SinVerse, a game where the mafia world meets blockchain. It's a play-to-earn, open-world Mafia metaverse, offering a unique opportunity to build your empire, run businesses, and engage in the digital underworld, all within a rated R gaming environment.

About SinVerse

SinVerse is a play-to-earn multiplayer mafia metaverse that combines the excitement of a mafia-themed game with the power of blockchain technology. With 17 distinct districts, each with its own properties, resources, and in-game businesses, players can dive into a dynamic world where they can shape the economy, run businesses, and make their mark.

SinVerse Game Guide: Exploring the Mafia-Themed World
Game Overviews

SinVerse Game Guide: Exploring the Mafia-Themed World

November 29, 2023

SinVerse is a currently playable multiplayer online game set in a virtual world inspired by various renowned global cities. Each city in the game offers unique characteristics and opportunities, creating a diverse and engaging environment for players. The game centers around a mafia-themed adventure where strategy and player decisions shapes its gameplay.

Gameplay and Economy

Players in SinVerse assume the roles of characters involved in organized crime, similar to a mafia setup. The primary objective is to engage in various activities like smuggling, turf wars, and other illegal operations. Success in these activities earns players in-game currency known as Gold, which are integral to the game's economy.

The economy within SinVerse is driven by the actions of its players. Players can exchange Gold for $SIN Tokens, which are used for various in-game transactions, including purchasing land and items. This token smoothes in-game commerce and participation in various game features. The token system is designed to support a balanced and sustainable economy within the game.

Players can spend earned Gold by visiting gun shops to purchase weapons, crucial for gaining a competitive edge in survival and PvP combat. Among many other key locations which give an edge in SinVerse, car showrooms offer vehicles for purchase, enabling players to navigate the game's expansive world more efficiently and engage in various activities across different areas.

SinVerse Gameplay

Business, Land Ownership and Earning in SinVerse

 For those owning land in the game, there are opportunities to build houses and safes for item storage. Landowners with the appropriate licenses can also build and operate shops to produce and sell boosters, adding another layer to the game's economy and strategy. Types of business that can be created differ from district to district and can range between liquor shops, gun shops drug stores, strip clubs, and much more.

The game features combat with non-player characters (NPCs), who drop valuable items like weapons, bullets, and briefcases. These items can be converted to $SIN. Players also engage in various mini-missions, ranging from pick-and-drop tasks to a shooting range and even a 'Squid Game' inspired challenge. Successful completion of these missions rewards players with Gold, which can be exchanged for $SIN. The Player vs. Player (PvP) aspect of the game allows players to combat each other, with defeated players dropping Gold and weapons.

SinVerse Car Showroom

Battle Arena and Esports

In the world of SinVerse, the Battle Arena stands as a pivotal aspect of the game, offering players a platform for intense PvP. The arena lobby presents various battle options, including 1 vs. 1, 3 vs. 3, and 5 vs. 5 matches. To join these battles, players pay an enrollment fee in Gold, which forms the prize pool for the tournament. Victory in these tournaments is lucrative, as the winning team or player earns the collected prize pool.

With plans to organize an esports event in the near future, the Battle Arena in SinVerse is not just a test of combat prowess but also a potential stage for competitive gaming at a higher level.

Native Marketplace

The recently added SinVerse Marketplace offers players a platform for trading a variety of in-game assets. It features Land NFTs, Business Licenses, and a range of unique in-game items, including weapons and 'Safe' vaults. The availability of Land NFTs allows players to build and develop properties, while Business Licenses open up possibilities for activating various enterprises on these lands. 

A standout feature of the marketplace is the limited sale of 'Safes' and the direct purchase option for Gold, the in-game currency. These elements are crafted to deepen the player's involvement in the game's economy. As a hub for player transactions and interactions, the SinVerse Marketplace enriches the overall experience in the game's expansive, mafia-themed virtual world, adding layers of depth and engagement for players.

SinVerse Marketplace

Who Might Enjoy SinVerse?

SinVerse caters to a wide range of players, particularly those drawn to strategic and action-packed gameplay reminiscent of titles like GTA. It's well-suited for gamers who relish managing economies and engaging in rich social dynamics within a virtual environment. The game stands out for those keen on navigating a player-driven economy and making strategic choices that influence their journey in an expansive, interactive world. Whether it’s the thrill of building a criminal empire or the allure of collaborating and competing with other players, SinVerse can appeal to a range of different style of players.

Square Enix Unveils SYMBIOGENESIS: A Revolutionary Gaming Experience in Web3
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Square Enix Unveils SYMBIOGENESIS: A Revolutionary Gaming Experience in Web3

October 6, 2023

Brought to you by Square Enix, one of the gaming industry powerhouses, SYMBIOGENESIS is a brand-new Web3 entertainment experience that features NFT collectible art, game utilities, and a compelling narrative.

Players can enjoy SYMBIOGENESIS in two gameplay modes: Follow the main story and unlock the character stories along the way, or embark on quests to discover items hidden within the Floating Continent. Regardless of which gameplay mode, the goal for the player is to participate in the final choice, the "World Mission," where only three out of all the players can choose the ending story.

Spanning over two million Japanese characters, the story explores the mysteries of the world, recounting the history of humanity's arrival on the Floating Continent, chronicling various past events and calamities, delving into ancient tales predating recorded history, and following the protagonist's battle with the dragon in the main storyline.

Quests are to find items hidden in the floating continent based on clues. Not only searching, but also collecting items and fulfilling certain conditions will unlock a hidden story and lead to another truth of the floating continent.

On the floating continent, the future is determined by the player. SYMBIOGENESIS plays on the theme “monopoly” or “distribution,” where information is locked away via the NFT Characters. Players who purchase the NFTs can choose either share the information or keep it to themselves. Thus, goes back to the theme.

In SYMBIOGENESIS, they plan to offer a total of 10,000 PFP NFT collectible artworks with unique designs across Chapters 1 to 6. Owning these NFT collectible artworks will grant access to different types of stories within the game. This will create disparities in information, leading to a sophisticated information battle among players within Discord as they strive to clear the game.

Furthermore, the stories that can be accessed by owning Character NFTs are not immediately unlocked from the beginning; instead, they will be progressively unlocked through cooperation with all players. This will lead to the stories and item discovery discussions becoming more common and shared among all players, making it easier to exchange information and find allies to collaborate with in pursuit of clearing objectives. However, it may also lead to more frequent instances of strategic information withholding and maneuvering among players.

What are the newly implemented shop features and methods for acquiring free NFTs?

On September 22nd, a shopping feature was launched on SYMBIOGENESIS, allowing players to check out the various NFT characters. They can only start purchasing during mint day, provided that players enter the AL first. By acquiring character NFTs, players gain access to exclusive stories limited to NFT holders. The NFT characters for Chapter 1, which are the first to be sold, are limited to only 500 units. To purchase them, players must first participate in the Allowlist Entry Campaign. However, as mentioned later, there is a possibility, with strategic planning or luck, of obtaining these limited character NFTs for free.

In the Allowlist Entry Campaign, players can earn their scores in a variety of ways and earn the top scores in order to participate in an exclusive sale for the top 90 selected players. In addition to following and retweeting the official Symbiogenesis X account and posting game content on their own X account, players can earn scores through actions such as speaking on the official Discord. After entering the AL campaign, players earn their spot to be on the AL. In order to earn the spot, there is a point system where the more points they earn, the higher the rank, the higher the chance to mint for free or be selected to the top. Points can be earned through various campaigns on X, Discord, or in-game events such as Treasure Hunts.

Additionally, by participating in the Treasure Hunting Campaign, open to everyone, and obtaining NFT items called "relics," players can increase their scores.

A notable feature of this auction is that all listings start from 0 ETH. Since there are 90 participants, if there are no other bidders for a particular NFT besides yourself, you can acquire it for free! However, in case your desired NFT overlaps with other players, it turns into an auction. While the highest bid is locked during the auction, it unlocks when you become the second-highest bidder. Furthermore, while bidding the highest amount in the auction, the bid amount is locked, but it is unlocked when you become the second-highest bidder. It is then up to the player to decide whether to bid again on the same character NFT or bid on a different character NFT.

It's up to you to decide whether to bid on hidden gems that other players might overlook, aiming for free NFT acquisition, or deliberately targeting NFTs that seem likely to gain popularity and betting on their future value. There are various strategies, and the final decision is yours to make. Repeating once again, if you are selected for the exclusive top-tier sale, you have a chance to obtain the Character NFT for free. After the exclusive top-tier sale, it will be available for regular sale, but here it will also be auctioned starting from 0 ETH, and you can choose as many as you want. However, participating here is conditional on being part of the Allowlist Entry Campaign, so don't forget to join!

To Monopolize or Distribute Character NFTs?

Having successfully passed the Allowlist Entry Campaign and auction, owners of Character NFTs face the next choice. Character NFT owners have the option to mint replica NFTs from their holdings and distribute them to other players. While replica NFTs offer a special utility, allowing owners to experience the same storyline as their original NFTs, they do not possess the various utilities that the original NFTs have. For instance, they can't grant access to features like so-called boss battles or rewards upon clearing 'Great Missions' unlocked after completing regular missions.

For lucky players who have managed to acquire Character NFTs, there are distinct advantages to issuing replica NFTs. Additionally, by sharing the previously exclusive storyline with other players, you can expand your circle of comrades in conquering the narrative together. On the other hand, choosing not to issue replica NFTs allows you to exclusively possess NFTs that others can't obtain without deciphering the storyline themselves, maintaining a monopoly on the narrative.

Exclusive Interview with SYMBIOGENESIS Producer Naoyuki Tamate

In the second half, Pacific Meta conducted an exclusive interview with SYMBIOGENESIS producer Naoyuki Tamate to delve into his thoughts and motivations behind the creation of SYMBIOGENESIS.

Pacific Meta: Please tell us about the theme of SYMBIOGENESIS and the world it wants to realize.

Tamate: In the SYMBIOGENESIS project, we consistently emphasize the overarching theme of "monopoly or distribution," this can be equivalent to the centralization vs. decentralization dichotomy. This theme permeates every aspect of SYMBIOGENESIS, including its gameplay, community structure, NFT acquisition, and storytelling.

Pacific Meta: Why do you emphasize the theme of "monopoly or distribution" in the first place?

Tamate: When I entered this market, the question of centralization or decentralization, the so-called pros and cons of decentralization, whether it makes people's lives more convenient or happier, these were, and still are, ongoing discussions. So, I thought, why not take this as entertainment and make it a theme? This way, customers themselves can arrive at answers through the content or at least have a starting point to think about something.

And to enable the experience of this theme, we've incorporated decentralized, what is commonly referred to as Web3, elements throughout.

For example, in this NFT sale, we have adopted a decentralized model where the price is not determined centrally by us, the organizers, but rather by users participating in an auction, with the price being determined by supply and demand. Allowing players to decide the price, a crucial element traditionally emphasized in games, is an exceptionally unusual business model not only for Square Enix but in general. Additionally, since users ultimately determine the price, if the game and storyline are truly enjoyable, it can attract more fans, increasing the value of the NFTs. Conversely, if the enjoyment is low, the NFT value can decrease.

What we aim to deliver through SYMBIOGENESIS this time is decent Web3 entertainment in line with Web3.

In Web3, I think entertainment should have decentralized elements that allow both the service provider and the service recipient to participate, co-create, and make decisions together. As a result, even those receiving the service have influence over the decisions, and this leads to the difference between Web3 entertainment and traditional entertainment, where the value is not fixed but fluid. We believe that the auction format in our case, where NFT prices range from 0 ETH onwards, truly embodies this concept.

Additionally, by allowing customers to shape the future of the content through World Missions, we incorporate an element where players actively participate in the creative process of the story. We, as creators, also become part of the community because we don't know how things will unfold. Through this collaborative effort with players and holders in various aspects, it becomes a new IP starting from Web3.

The extent to which decentralized elements are embraced as entertainment is a highly challenging aspect for us as well, and since we, the creators, also don't know what the future holds, we're looking forward to it together with excitement!

Pacific Meta: Mr. Tamate, on a personal level, what motivated you to become involved in the Web3 business?

Tamate: I think many businesses nowadays operate their ventures on various platforms. It's convenient, and it supports most aspects of marketing. It has become much easier to reach a global audience. On the other hand, I believe that decentralization is an attempt to break away from those platforms and try to do things on our own. I felt that this challenge was extremely difficult, but at the same time, it felt like a rewarding challenge."

I don't know how competitive I can be in the entertainment industry, but I thought it would be interesting to put my life into it. I really like new things. I think there are both negative and positive aspects to it, but I received a lot of negativity from people around me. So, that’s why I decided to participate. When you receive so much negativity, it means that something significant is at play. And that made me think there must be an opportunity.

Pacific Meta: Finally, can you tell us a little bit about the future of SYMBIOGENESIS?

Tamate: In November of this year, we plan to launch the Allowlist Entry Campaign, which will serve as a condition for purchasing character NFTs. In December, we are set to release Chapter 1 character NFTs, a significant milestone, along with the start of the game. Although it's not confirmed, we are scheduled to release Chapter 2 character NFTs and the game itself in the first half of next year. Overall, we will gradually unveil Chapters 1 to 6, each introducing different lands and races, all revolving around the themes of monopoly and distribution. We hope players will look forward to this entirely new era of entertainment in the Web3 era brought to you by Square Enix.

Pacific Meta: Thank you very much!

Join the Revolution with SYMBIOGENESIS

Dive into the gripping world of SYMBIOGENESIS, brought to you by Square Enix. Ready to navigate the dual themes of monopoly and distribution? To not just play a game, but shape its very narrative? Join the community today.

Website: Dive deeper into the world of SYMBIOGENESIS.

Twitter: Follow SYMBIOGENESIS on Twitter for real-time updates, announcements, and more.

Discord: Become a part of the community. Engage in discussions, strategize with other players, and get exclusive insights.

A Brief Overview into Legendary Heroes Unchained
Game Overviews

A Brief Overview into Legendary Heroes Unchained

September 12, 2023

In this game overview video, we delve into Legendary Heroes: Unchained. Assemble a squad to face dungeon bosses with dazzling special attacks and a blend of strategy and blockchain, challenge other players and immerse yourself in this hero-collector metaverse!

About Legendary Heroes: Unchained

Turn-based card-style RPG where players navigate a team of NFT Heroes through procedurally generated dungeons, facing turn-based combats and strategic decisions that affect progress. Players accumulate Event Points, XP, and Coins for leveling up and evolving Heroes, and compete on leaderboards for rewards during specific events. The game feature a combat system with strategic decision-making, and live ops competitions with rewards such as NFT Hero packs and Loyalty Passes.

Champions Arena Economy 101

Champions Arena Economy 101

August 29, 2023

Champions Arena is the latest game from Gala Games to hit the market and is rapidly turning heads. This mobile, turn based RPG features a unique game economy unlike anything yet seen in all of gaming. This dual layer economy allows for the Champions Arena to appeal both to “traditional gamers” who prefer to avoid anything blockchain related as well as “web3 gamers” who value features such as owning their own assets and earning crypto for their time spent in game.

Traditional Game Economy

Champions Arena can be downloaded on PC, iOS, or Android and played like a traditional free to play game. It features a robust economy with multiple different currencies. Understanding them all will be crucial to maximizing progression in the game.

Experience & Gold

It might be odd to think of xp as a currency, but I’m including it here because it can actually be bought and sold via the gem market (more on that market shortly). There are two types of xp, summoner and champion.

The summoner is you, the player, so summoner xp is used to level up the overall account. This can unlock more powerful spells, increase the max daily arena rewards, and increase the amount of idle rewards your account can hold before claiming.

Champion xp is used along with gold to level up individual champions. Experience earned can be used on any champion, regardless of whether or not they participated in battles, so you do not need to battle with a champion to level it up.

Both types of xp can be earned from participating in various game modes as well as from idle rewards that automatically accumulate every day. Gold can also be extracted from lapis, another common reward found throughout the game.


Soulstones are used to increase the star count/quality, or rank, of champions. Increasing a champion’s rank will increase its overall stats as well as the max level it can reach. Soulstones can be earned in small quantities from various game modes and quests or in larger quantities by dismantling a champion (typically done when you pull duplicate champions).


Essense is a currency used primarily in the Mayhem game mode. In this game mode essence is exchanged to go on passive explorations with characters, mine, plunder, or actively attack raids by yourself or in groups. These activities generate a large range of rewards, including all of the previous currencies listed above! Essence is granted daily from quests and login bonuses and can be purchased in the shop.

Champions Arena Economy 101


Mileage is earned from game modes such as Mayhem and Trial Tower and can be exchanged in the shop for other items. Items rotate daily and can include anything from soul stones to essence to xp.

Upgrade Stones 

Upgrade stones are used to enchant equipment. The primary way to earn upgrade stones is by dismantling equipment and clearing floors in the Trial Tower. There are multiple levels of upgrade stones. The quantity and level of upgrade stones needed is dependent on the rarity and level of the equipment.


Gems are the premium currency of Champions Arena. There are 2 different forms, paid gems and free gems. Minting scrolls and peer-to-peer trades in the market require paid gems that can only be acquired by spending money, while everything else can be acquired using free gems.

The primary way to acquire free gems is to sell items in the marketplace. The marketplace can be found in the estate (choose an estate with low fees!). Many items, such as soulstones, equipment, upgrade stones, and chest rewards can be sold to other players for gems.

While gems can be used to purchase items from the primary and secondary shops, one of the most popular uses for gems is the Altar of Champions. Here you can spend gems to summon champions. Normal summons can reward soulstones or full champions, while premium summons guarantee you a full champion pull. These are equivalent to the “packs” or “loot boxes” you find in nearly all free to play games. It is the primary way to obtain new champions in game.

Play to Earn Economy

In addition to the traditional game economy, Champions Arena has an additional, optional blockchain economy as well. This integrates NFTs as well as the $GALA token.

Champions Arena Economy 101

Champion NFTs

Any champion in the game has the potential to exist as an NFT. Champions owned in game can be unlocked as an NFT, while retaining their same stats, by using minting scrolls. Minting scrolls can be purchased from the cash shop The amount of minting scrolls required depends on the rarity of the champion. Common champions are the cheapest at $100 while legendary champions are the most expensive at $1300.

Owning your champion as an NFT has 2 primary benefits. First, it gives you true ownership of that champion, including the ability to sell it to other players using marketplaces such as OpenSea. Second, it unlocks the ability to earn $GALA from arena battles.

An NFT champion does not have any advantage in battle over its non-NFT counterpart and does not aid in progressing through the game.


Earning Gala

Players who have at least 1 NFT champion in their arena lineup can crypto by winning arena battles. Winning battles will award Victory Points based on the rarity of NFT champions used and the current league the player is in. The full formula can be found in the litepaper.

At the end of every day, the $GALA reward pool is then distributed based on the victory points a player earns compared to the total victory points earned by all players in the game. The total $GALA pool is composed of 15% of revenue from gem purchases and Champions Arena Gala purchases.


Estates are the closest thing we have to guilds in Champions Arena. Players can join estates as a member or visit as a non member to use the gem market or recruit, promote, or dismantle heroes. Estate owners receive a percent cut of all gem purchases that go through their estate. Members of estates can work together to construct and level up buildings to improve estate offerings. 


Nexus is an NFT that has not yet been implemented into Champions Arena. Once this feature arrives, owning a Nexus will allow players to rent out their NFT champions to other players in exchange for a percentage of their pvp earnings. Nexus can be leveled up in order to increase the percent earnings for both the owner and the renter. This is projected to go live in November.

A New Dimension in Horse Racing: Exploring DeRace
Game Overviews

A New Dimension in Horse Racing: Exploring DeRace

August 29, 2023

In this game overview video, we explore DeRace. Dive into a complete horse racing adventure where you can race, breed, and rent NFT horses. Host races in your hippodromes, collect equipment with Sugar Cubes, and embrace the action in this innovative horse racing metaverse.

About DeRace

DeRace is a play-to-earn NFT horse racing metaverse. Players can participate in races, breed unique NFT horses, host events in personal NFT hippodromes, and earn rewards. It offers a realistic horse racing experience, enabling ownership, breeding, renting, trading, and competition of NFT horses.

nWay Launches Wreck League in Partnership With Yuga Labs

nWay Launches Wreck League in Partnership With Yuga Labs

August 7, 2023

The web3 gaming space takes an exciting new turn as nWay, a subsidiary of Animoca Brands, partners with Yuga Labs to create Wreck League, a competitive combat game. Wreck League comes with a revolutionary concept, equipping players with the ability to build, own, and battle with a set of Mech fighters.

This game boasts a stunning rendition of crispy graphic design and positions itself as the future of esports and offering a clear edge over traditional games. Players can construct their Mech fighters, engage them in battles, and win on-chain prizes. Notably, the inaugural season of Wreck League will delve into the deep wells of Yuga Labs, a renowned web3 brand.

Wreck League Bridges Web2 and Web3 Gaming Space

Wreck League boasts a dual-focus design, featuring both web2 and web3 versions. Tachoon Kim, the CEO of nWay, explains, "Wreck League is a hybrid web3 and web2 project. Our aim is to unite the communities and players, leveraging the creative potential of the web3 community to continuously enhance the game's content."

Game Mechanics

Creators, owners, and players in the game's community can team up to compete in league events. High-performance Mechs can be built from 10 individual Mech Parts NFTs, which allow for continuous customization. Currently, there are over 1.5 quadrillion possible unique combinations. To add excitement to the gameplay, rare Yugaverse Mechs will be available. Creators who aspire to participate in high-level tournaments are expected to team up with skilled players. To bridge the gap between the burgeoning web3 sphere and the traditional gaming world, a free-to-play (F2P) version of Wreck League will be made available.

Wreck League aims to develop an active community by introducing the power of real-time multiplayer PvP gaming, attracting new users, and encouraging existing players to invite their friends. Yat Siu, the co-founder of Animoca Brands, is optimistic about Wreck League's impending impact on the esports industry. He said, "Wreck League marks the culmination of two years of dedicated development by nWay, one of the best real-time, cross-play fighting game studios in the industry. Incorporating the Bored Ape Yacht Club, and Otherside universe as well as utilizing ApeCoin, Wreck League…has incredible potential to become a significant esports title due to its competitive multiplayer system."

Owners of Mech NFTs can create non-NFT copies of their Mech for sale in the web2 game's store, and original Mech NFT holders will receive a portion of the revenue generated. The web3 version is exclusively accessible to Mech NFT holders who can participate in a 2-week leaderboard tournament beginning with the Mech Mint event. Players can earn points for participating in battles, and the points awarded will be dependent on the game's outcome: victory or defeat. Wreck League will reward the first 30,000 players with a wide range of gifts, including 1-of-1 NFTs, mech sets, legendary boxes, and mech parts.

Come September, the first-ever edition of Wreck League will go live, incorporating four Yuga Labs collections: Bored Ape Yacht Club, Mutant Ape Yacht Club, Bored Ape Kennel Club, and Otherside Kodas.

Speaking about the recent synergy with Wreck League, Spencer Tucker, Yuga Labs' chief gaming officer, stated: "We are thrilled for nWay to join The noncanonical Extended Yugaverse. Building a thriving, interoperable ecosystem is at the heart of web3. Wreck League's use of Yuga's collections charts that course, and we are excited to see them work towards delivering a compelling gaming experience and additional utility for holders of these collections.

Apeiron: A Thrilling Fusion of Roguelite and God Game Dynamics
Game Overviews

Apeiron: A Thrilling Fusion of Roguelite and God Game Dynamics

August 2, 2023

In this electrifying game overview of Apeiron, prepare for a game that masterfully fuses the thrill of card-battling roguelite with the grandeur of god game mechanics.

About Apeiron

Apeiron combines card-battling roguelite and god game elements. As a godling, players engage in real-time, fast-paced card combat against the Mad God Chaos. The game also allows players to shape their own worlds using elemental miracles, while exploring procedurally generated dungeons. The diversity in gameplay is further expanded with different Apostle classes to choose from.

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