Game Releases

Game Releases

Axie Champion Launches on Mavis Hub

Apeiron Arena Open Beta Launch
Game Releases

Apeiron Arena Open Beta Launch

February 27, 2024

In recent news, Apeiron, a roguelite real-time strategy (RTS) card game, announces Arena Open Beta. The Open Beta is set to commence on February 28 and be accessible on the Epic Games Store and Mavis Hub

Participation and Rewards

The Open Beta allows players to earn $ANIMA airdrop points by competing in the Arena. A tutorial will be released to assist previous playtest participants with the game's updated mechanics.

Arena Points Calculation Update

The method for calculating Arena Points (AP) will change during the Open Beta period. From February 28 to March 18, AP will be determined based on the collection of Souls, at a conversion rate of 4 Souls to 1 AP. Souls accumulated through Discord will convert to Stardusts.

NFT Integration and Benefits

The integration of Planet NFTs and Apostle NFTs affects the accumulation of Souls and Stamina after matches. While Planet NFTs are more expensive, Apostle NFTs provide an alternative for engaging with the game's economy. Free-to-play users have access to Apeiron Seed Planets and can earn AP at full capacity. The number of Apostle NFTs a player has influences the amount of Souls earned. 

Blood Crystal in Eternal Crypt - Wizardry BC
Game Releases

Blood Crystal in Eternal Crypt - Wizardry BC

February 24, 2024

Eternal Crypt - Wizardry BC merges traditional role-playing elements with the innovative use of blockchain technology. Central to its gameplay is the concept of Blood Crystal, a unique and valuable resource found within the game's universe. This article aims to demystify Blood Crystal, explaining its importance, how players can obtain it, and its impact on the game.

Understanding Blood Crystal

Blood Crystal is a rare and valuable resource discovered in the Dungeon of Dudael. Its value stems from its ability to regenerate sacred artifacts, making it more sought-after than traditional in-game currency. However, obtaining Blood Crystal is not straightforward; it requires adventurers with a special ability to "alchemy" the stone by offering their blood.

Only a select group of adventurers possess the ability to alchemize Blood Crystal, and even for them, the process is risky. Each use of their alchemical power diminishes it, eventually depleting their ability to produce Blood Crystal altogether. This makes adventurers with alchemical capabilities extremely valuable but also introduces a strategic element of resource management.

Dungeon of Dudael: A Source of Wealth and Danger

The Dungeon of Dudael, where Blood Crystal is found, has been a blessing and a curse. Its discovery brought prosperity through the valuable Blood Crystal and sacred artifacts found within. However, it also unleashed monsters that threaten the kingdom. The dungeon represents a risk-reward scenario where players must balance the lure of valuable resources against the dangers lurking in the deeper levels.

Wizardry's Leap into Blockchain with Eternal Crypt - Wizardry BC

Gameplay Strategy: Managing Adventurers and Blood Crystal

Players act as guildmasters, leading parties of adventurers into the Dungeon of Dudael. The game divides adventurers into those who can and cannot alchemize Blood Crystal. Success in the dungeon requires not just combat skills but also strategic management of these adventurers. Players need to carefully plan their expeditions, considering the limited alchemical power of their adventurers and the increasing difficulty of the dungeon's deeper levels.

Blood Crystal plays a crucial role in the game's economy. It can be used to enhance adventurers' abilities, recruit new adventurers with alchemical capabilities, and more. This integrates Blood Crystal into the broader blockchain aspect of the game, where it becomes a tangible asset that players can earn, trade, and utilize, adding depth and strategy to the gameplay.

Blood Crystal in Eternal Crypt - Wizardry BC

2M $BC Token Reward Event

The pre-registration campaign, running from February 8, 06:00 UTC to February 28, 11:00 UTC, is currently open with a prize pool of 2 million $BC tokens. Participants are required to visit the pre-registration page, register using their email, and complete various missions to accumulate points. These points can then be used to engage in a gacha mechanism, offering a chance to win in-game rewards and NFTs.

About Eternal Crypt - Wizardry BC 

The IP "Wizardry" used in this work is a computer game published in the United States in 1981. Elements such as party organizing, labyrinth exploration, monster fighting, and character development had a tremendous impact on various RPGs that followed, and it is often referred to as the origin of RPGs. Numerous sequels have been released, and more than 40 years after its release, it remains a timeless masterpiece that enjoys strong popularity around the world. Eternal Crypt - Wizardry BC - is being developed as a free-to-play blockchain game based on Wizardry.

Stay Up To Date on Eternal Crypt - Wizardry BC 

Sipher Odyssey Launches Pre-Registration for Mobile Gaming
Game Releases

Sipher Odyssey Launches Pre-Registration for Mobile Gaming

February 22, 2024

Sipher Odyssey, a fast-paced action roguelite, has officially opened pre-registration on the Google Play Store and App Store, signaling a new phase for the looter shooter RPG.

How To Pre-Register

The game has made pre-registration available in selected countries, including the USA, Indonesia, India, the Philippines, Brazil, Vietnam, Argentina, and Venezuela. This strategic rollout has already garnered significant interest, with over 56,000 players signing up for the upcoming Open Alpha, showcasing the game's anticipated impact on the mobile gaming community.

Players looking to secure their early access can now pre-register through the iOS and Android platforms using the links below. 

$SIPHER Token and New Partnerships

In addition to the pre-registration news, Sipher Odyssey has also shared updates regarding the $SIPHER token, which climbed over 110% since the previous month to a price of $0.79. The daily trading volume on decentralized exchanges (DEX) has seen growth, fluctuating between approximately $350K to $450K, with the market capitalization hitting around $91.27M. These figures indicate a robust and growing interest in the Sipher ecosystem.

Furthermore, Sipher Odyssey has expanded its reach within the web3 space by integrating into the OKX DEX & WEB3 Wallet. This development is part of the game's ongoing efforts to increase accessibility and onboard more users into the Sipher ecosystem, promising a richer gaming experience and broader community engagement.

Influence Announces Pre-Release Early Access
Game Releases

Influence Announces Pre-Release Early Access

February 21, 2024

Influence, a space-themed grand strategy MMO, has announced a Pre-release Early Access starting on February 21, 2024, at 15:00 UTC (10 AM EST). The event offers players an opportunity to compete against others through various challenges.

The game’s setting stages in an asteroid belt within the Adalia system where players can mine, build, trade, research, and engage in combat. They can colonize asteroids, exploit resources, construct infrastructure, discover technologies, and expand their territories across the belt individually or as clans.

Earlier this month, Influence enabled players to register for the pre-release. Players could sign up for Influence’s newsletter or join the game’s Discord server to register. This opportunity allows players to explore, test strategies, and prepare for the full launch of Exploitation, the first game release of Influence, which focuses on the foundation of the Adalian economy.

During this Pre-Release, players will earn $SWAY and other exclusive rewards for completing in-game missions. The $SWAY token serves as the native currency of Influence, used for all transactional activities within the game.

Players can play with two distinct types of in-game items: Adalian semi-fungible items and Hybrid items (Etherean). The former is strictly in-game, while the latter can interact with Starknet and Ethereum blockchains.

Influence plans to release Public Access to Exploitation on February 27, 2024.

Off the Grid, the First Web3 Game to Surface on Xbox
Game Releases

Off the Grid, the First Web3 Game to Surface on Xbox

February 15, 2024

Off the Grid, a next-gen Cybertrunk P2P battle royale, has arrived on the Xbox platform. As per the developer's plan, Off the Grid is set to launch on PC, PS5, and Xbox.

According to the official X announcement by the gaming team, the game is not yet available on the Xbox platform. However, interested players can begin adding the game to their wishlist ahead of the complete Xbox launch.

Powered on an Avalanche subnet and to be implement the $GUN token of the GUNZ platform, this marks the first web3 game to appear under the Xbox platform. 

Off The Grid: Gameplay

Off the Grid offers two distinct gameplay types: PvP and PvE. Players can engage in either via Teardrop Island, the official battlefield of Off the Grid. PvP presents a 150-player intense melee, challenging players to shoot, slash, and bash to earn loot and trade items, battling fiercely to reach the top.

Meanwhile, PvE features a 60-hour narrative campaign, enabling players to immerse themselves in the battle royale rage. They can take up jobs for video companies, search for secrets of Teardrop Island, and find the missing piece of the Cobra.

Off the Grid, the First Web3 Game to Surface on Xbox

In-game Items

The game boasts over 300 fully customizable weapons crafted using advanced 3D scanning technology, each equipped with five spectacular attachments: sight, muzzle, tactical, underbarrel, and magazine.

Players can make use of a special in-game items called CyberLimbs, which are basically limb upgrades. There are over 30 CyberLimbs which includes Snaresetter, Ripper, Slugger, Roadrunner, Starter Arm and Starter Legs. 

Following the Xbox announcement, Gunzilla Games, the developers of Off the Grid, encourage players to share news of the game with their friends.

CyberTitans Releases Closed Mobile Alpha
Game Releases

CyberTitans Releases Closed Mobile Alpha

February 14, 2024

CyberTitans, a multiplayer strategy web3 video game published by LitLab Games, has announced a Mobile Closed Alpha. The team organized the gaming session after noticing an increasing number of players onboarding via the mobile game version.

Meanwhile, CyberTitans recently launched its mobile version, providing access for iOS and Android users.

The CyberTitans’ Mobile Closed Alpha is accompanied by a short Google form requiring players to input either their Google or Apple addresses and their in-game nicknames to request access. All selected participants will be contacted via email.

Participating players are expected to give a complete review of the gameplay, identifying the bugs and errors. The team is also open to receiving suggestions to improve the mobile version of CyberTitans.

CyberTitans is a strategic game challenging players to battle against one another with over 40 unique characters. The game is also available on PC and can be downloaded on Elixir or Epic Games Store

This version stands as a Closed Alpha with an Open Alpha session coming soon. 

Last Remains Announces Resumption of Public Alpha
Game Releases

Last Remains Announces Resumption of Public Alpha

February 10, 2024

Last Remains, the stealth zombie survival battleground developed by Earn Alliance, has announced the resumption of its Public Alpha test. The gaming platform previously halted the preceding Public Alpha, which commenced on February 3rd.

Following the initial playtest, Last Remains released stunning statistics: over 56,000 zombies were slain by players, while approximately 2,200 players fell victim to others. Responding to this massive adoption, the game has scheduled another customary Public Alpha test, beginning on Saturday, February 17th at 10:00 UTC.

Players interested in participating in the upcoming Last Remains Public Alpha can download the PC game from the Epic Games store. Each Public Alpha test lasts for 24 hours, occurring every two weeks.

Shardbound Releases 2000 Playtest Spots
Game Releases

Shardbound Releases 2000 Playtest Spots

February 9, 2024

Ethereum-based layer 2 chain Immutable has announced the availability of 2000 Shardbound Playtest spots, aligning with the platform's commitment to powering the next generation of web3 games.

Players can sign up to participate in the "Ascents to the Shards" Playtest from February 21 to March 1, 2024, and must join the game’s Discord channel.

Interested participants should pre-register on Shardbound's official website using their Immutable Passport or email address. These players stand a chance to claim an exclusive playable card in the first week of the public beta.

After completing the registration process, the spots will be randomly distributed among all registered players.

Meanwhile, Shardbound is organizing a celebratory giveaway session for 10 Playtest spots. Players are required to join the Discord community, retweet the latest Twitter announcement, and comment with their Discord username. The giveaway will be open for 72 hours only.

Guide to Upcoming Nyan Heroes Play-to-Airdrop

Guide to Upcoming Nyan Heroes Play-to-Airdrop

February 2, 2024

Nyan Heroes, team based kitty cat mecha-based shooter, is gearing up for its early access playtest accessable via the Epic Games Store accompanied by a unique Play-to-Airdrop (P2A) campaign. This initiative not only aims to introduce players to the captivating universe where cats and mechs rule but also offers them the opportunity to earn $NYN tokens, the game's native cryptocurrency. Here's what players need to know as they prepare to dive into Nyan Heroes.

How to Participate in the Early Access P2A Campaign

The P2A campaign is designed to be inclusive, offering multiple pathways for engagement:

  • NFT Ownership: Holders of Nyan Heroes NFTs get extra benefits in the campaign, providing an edge in earning rewards.
  • Pre-registration: Fill out the pre-registration form available to sign up at a chance in participating.
  • Social Media Engagement: Stay updated and interact with Nyan Heroes on Twitter and Discord.
  • Community Participation: Join in events, contests, and game promotions to secure your spot in the early access window.

The Economy of Nyan Heroes

At the heart of Nyan Heroes is its dual-token economy, designed to enhance the gaming experience and reward player participation:

  • $NYN Tokens: These tokens are integral to the game's ecosystem, serving as both a governance token and a medium for marketplace transactions. The upcoming token airdrop in February, followed by the token launch, marks a critical milestone for the game's economy.
  • CATNIP: This in-game premium currency is off-chain and is used for a variety of in-app purchases, trading, and to facilitate entry into high-stakes competitions.

Genesis Collection and the Nyan Heroes Pass

The Genesis collection, known as the Nyan Heroes Pass, is a pivotal element of the game.

With a floor price of around 1.6 SOL (150 USD) at the time of writing this article and five levels of rarity, these NFTs provide several benefits, including increased rewards in CATNIP and $NYN, early beta tests and land presale access and a few more perks.

Entering the World of Nyan Heroes: A Guide to the Upcoming Play-to-Airdrop Campaign

Roadmap: What’s Ahead for Nyan Heroes

Nyan Heroes' roadmap for 2024 and beyond is packed with exciting developments:

  • Land Sale: An upcoming event that will expand the game's universe and offer new opportunities for player involvement.
  • NYN Staking and Closed Beta: Introducing mechanisms for token staking and further testing phases to refine the game.
  • Guardian NFT Drop: Set to introduce new characters and elements into the game.

How to Get Ready

For players ready to jump into Nyan Heroes, here's how to get started:

  1. Follow Nyan Heroes on their social channels for the latest updates and details on the P2A campaign.
  2. Engage with the community through social media, events, and contests to secure your early access.
  3. Prepare your wallet for $NYN tokens and CATNIP currency to maximize your participation in the game's economy.

Get Guaranteed Access With Juice News

In an exclusive offer, we are granting guaranteed access to the first 20 readers who join our Discord community server and create a ticket requesting access. Act fast!

As Nyan Heroes approaches its early access playtest, the game stands poised to offer an engaging blend of gameplay and blockchain integration. With strategic participation, players can both enjoy a new web3 game experience but also earn tokens and contribute to shaping the future of the Nyan universe.

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