How to Craft Pet Potions in Pixels: A Step-by-Step Guide

How To Buy $PIXEL Tokens

How To Buy $PIXEL Tokens

February 26, 2024

Purchasing $PIXEL tokens for the popular Ronin farming game, Pixels, involves a series of steps that players can complete on different platforms. This guide provides an overview of how to acquire $PIXEL tokens efficiently.

Purchasing on Exchange

Step 1: Identify Available Exchanges

One option in purchasing $PIXEL tokens is via an exchange. Platforms like CoinGecko can provide a comprehensive list of exchanges that support $PIXEL transactions. One of the primary exchanges is Binance, although it may not be accessible in all countries. Though, if you want full self-custody of your tokens consider purchasing or transferring your tokens through your Ronin Wallet.

How To Buy $PIXEL Tokens

Purchasing on Ronin Network

Step 1: Set Up a Ronin Wallet

The $PIXEL token operates on the Ronin blockchain, so players need to download and set up a Ronin wallet. This wallet is available as a browser extension and a mobile app. Users can create a new wallet using an email login or, for added security, link a hardware wallet.

For more detailed instructions you can follow our dedicated tutorial on how to create and set up your Ronin wallet.

How to Stake $RON Tokens on the Ronin Network: A Step-by-Step Guide

Step 2: Fund Your Ronin Wallet

There are multiple ways to fund your Ronin wallet:

  1. Via Exchange Transfer: Purchase Ronin tokens ($RON) from an exchange and transfer them to your Ronin wallet address.
  2. Through Credit Card: Use the Ronin wallet interface to buy $RON tokens directly with a credit card.
  3. Decentralized Transfer: For users with Ethereum, use the Ronin Bridge to transfer ETH from a MetaMask wallet to the Ronin wallet.

For more detailed instructions you can follow our dedicated tutorial on how to purchase $RON to fund your wallet.

How to Stake $RON Tokens on the Ronin Network: A Step-by-Step Guide

Step 3: Exchange for $PIXEL Tokens

After funding your Ronin wallet with $RON tokens, you can exchange your $ETH or $RON for $PIXEL tokens. This can be done within the Ronin wallet interface or through decentralized exchanges (DEXs) that support the Ronin network. We recommend using Katana.

When converting ETH to RON within the Ronin wallet, remember that you are entitled to five free transactions per day, making it cost-effective. Ensure you convert enough ETH to RON for gas fees and the desired amount of $PIXEL tokens.

How To Buy $PIXEL Tokens

Step 4: Manage $PIXEL Tokens

Once purchased, $PIXEL tokens can be held within the Ronin wallet for use within the Pixels game or transferred to an exchange for selling or trading.

Hands-On Guide

For a more detailed guide, check out the video below.


Congratulations! You've successfully purchasing your $PIXEL tokens.

As always, it's essential to carry out transactions securely and be informed about the associated risks, especially when dealing with peer-to-peer or decentralized platforms. Remember, the tutorial provided here is for informational purposes. Users should conduct their research and proceed with caution when participating in cryptocurrency transactions. 

How To Earn $PIXEL Tokens

How To Earn $PIXEL Tokens

February 23, 2024

Earning $PIXEL tokens in Pixels has evolved from the initial method of farming resources and selling them for coins. This guide provides a detailed walkthrough on the new way to earn within the game, focusing on the $PIXEL token.

Earning $PIXEL In-Game

Earning in Pixels requires a strategic approach and an understanding the game's economy. Though the process is straightforward players will need to actively engage in farming and completing orders. It's important to note that the game's economy and the rewards system are subject to change. The developers aim to balance the earning potential, ensuring a fair and engaging experience for all players.

Step 1: Complete the Tutorial Phase

For newcomers to Pixels, it's crucial to go through the tutorial phase of the game. This initial step ensures players grasp the basic mechanics and are prepared to embark on the journey of earning within Pixels.

Step 2: Understanding the Game's Economy

Post-tutorial, players should familiarize themselves with the game's economy, particularly focusing on completing quests. These quests not only aid in learning the game's dynamics but also play a pivotal role in the earning process.

Step 3: Engage with Hazel for Orders and Seeds

Hazel, whom is located in Buck's Galore is your go-to for buying seeds and understanding the orders necessary to earn $PIXEL tokens. The process involves:

  1. Checking orders to identify the required resources for earning $PIXEL tokens.
  2. Purchasing the corresponding seeds from Hazel.
  3. Planting these seeds on your land or communal land for harvesting.

How To Earn $PIXEL Tokens

Step 4: Farming and Leveling Up

Certain seeds, such as the Muckchuck, require players to reach a specific level (32) to unlock. Thus, progressing in the game and leveling up your farming skills is essential for accessing a broader range of seeds and earning opportunities.

Step 5: Completing Orders for $PIXEL Tokens

Upon harvesting the required resources, return to Hazel to fulfill the orders and earn $PIXEL tokens. The amount of $PIXEL received depends on the complexity and quantity of the resources delivered.

How To Earn $PIXEL Tokens

Step 6: VIP Membership and Its Benefits

Consider obtaining a VIP membership to increase your earning potential. This membership amplifies the number of $PIXEL tasks available and enhances rewards for landowners within the game.

How To Earn $PIXEL Tokens

Step 7: Utilizing Coins for Progression

While the focus is on earning $PIXEL tokens, coins remain a vital in-game currency for purchasing seeds and progressing. Completing coin-based tasks can also reset the taskboard, potentially leading to more $PIXEL earning opportunities.

Hands-On Guide

For a more detailed guide, check out the video below.

Guide to Selling/Buying Gold Coins in Pixels: A Step-by-Step Process

Guide to Selling/Buying Gold Coins in Pixels: A Step-by-Step Process

February 22, 2024

Selling gold coins in Pixels requires navigating outside the game's official trading mechanisms. This guide provides a detailed overview of how to engage in peer-to-peer transactions safely, emphasizing that the game's team does not oversee these exchanges. It's crucial to understand the risks involved in these transactions and proceed with caution.

Selling/Buying Gold Coins in Pixels

Step 1: Visit Pixels.Tips

To begin the process, visit pixels.tips. This platform offers a dual function for both buying and selling coins, potentially at rates more favorable than the game's standard offerings. Note that such transactions are not officially supported by the game's developers but rather are a peer-to-peer transactions.

Step 2: Choose the Sell Option

Upon accessing the website, navigate to the 'sell coins' section. Here, you'll find the option to sell. Input the amount of coins you wish to sell, and the site will display the corresponding dollar amount you'll receive, conducted through the Ronin blockchain in USDC.

Guide to Selling/Buying Gold Coins in Pixels: A Step-by-Step Process

Step 3: Submit Your Order

Upon submitting the order, an Order ID will be provided. You'll then need to join the site's Discord server, where the transaction process continues. Ensure you're logged in with Discord on the website, as communication regarding the sale will occur there.

Guide to Selling/Buying Gold Coins in Pixels: A Step-by-Step Process

Step 4: Coordinate in Discord

In Discord, you'll create or be directed to a ticket related to buying and selling coins. Share the order ID received from submitting your order on the website. Coordination with the site's representative will take place here, including arranging an in-game meeting point for the transaction.

Guide to Selling/Buying Gold Coins in Pixels: A Step-by-Step Process

Step 5: Complete the Transaction In-Game

Coordinate with the representative to meet in a specific location within Pixels. It's crucial to ensure you're interacting with the correct individual by verifying their identity through continuous Discord communication. Initially, you will transfer the agreed amount of gold coins to them in-game. Upon successful transfer, they will send the corresponding USDC amount to your Ronin wallet.

Guide to Selling/Buying Gold Coins in Pixels: A Step-by-Step Process

Important Considerations

  • The transaction's trust basis heavily leans on the third-party website's reputation. Exercise due diligence and proceed with caution.
  • The game's development team is not responsible for any issues arising from these transactions. All risks are borne by the parties involved in the peer-to-peer exchange.
  • Ensure continuous communication through Discord during the in-game exchange to avoid potential scams.

Hands-On Guide

For a more detailed guide, check out the video below.

How to Stake $RON Tokens on the Ronin Network: A Step-by-Step Guide

How to Stake $RON Tokens on the Ronin Network: A Step-by-Step Guide

February 19, 2024

The Ronin Network is a blockchain ecosystem developed specifically for gaming applications. The network is known from the famous web3 game Axie Infinity, however, it currently houses trailblazing games such as Pixels, which recently held a 20M $PIXEL token airdrop for $RON stakers, Wild Forest, The Machines Arena, and more. Though not confirmed, users are speculating that more airdrops and rewards are to come to those who staking tokens in the Ronin Ecosystem.

One of its core features is the ability to stake $RON tokens, which not only supports the network's security and efficiency but also rewards the stakers. This guide will walk you through the process of staking $RON tokens on the Ronin Network, from creating a Ronin Wallet to managing your staked tokens.

Creating a Ronin Wallet

Step 1: Install and Set Up Your Wallet

The first step to staking $RON tokens is to create a Ronin Wallet. Navigate to the Ronin Wallet's official website and download the wallet extension for your browser. The Ronin Wallet is available for Chrome, Firefox, and other major browsers.

After installing the extension, click on the Ronin Wallet icon in your browser's extension area to set up your wallet. You'll be prompted to create a new wallet or import an existing one. Follow the on-screen instructions to set up your new wallet, making sure to securely store your recovery phrase.

For more detailed instructions you can follow our dedicated tutorial on how to create and set up your Ronin wallet.

How to Stake $RON Tokens on the Ronin Network: A Step-by-Step Guide

Purchasing $RON Tokens

Step 2: Fund Your Wallet with $RON Tokens

Before you can stake $RON tokens, you first need to acquire them. There are several ways to purchase $RON tokens:

  • Directly Through Ronin Wallet: You can buy $RON tokens using a credit or debit card directly within the Ronin Wallet. This is a straightforward method for those looking for convenience.
  • From Cryptocurrency Exchanges: Platforms like Binance and Coinbase offer $RON tokens for purchase. You can buy them with fiat currency or exchange them for other cryptocurrencies.
  • Exchange Bridged ETH: If you have ETH in a wallet that's been bridged to the Ronin Network, you can exchange this ETH for $RON tokens directly within the Ronin ecosystem.

Staking Your $RON Tokens

Step 3: Go To Ronin's Staking Page

With your Ronin Wallet set up, navigate to the Ronin Network's official staking page. You can find the link to the staking portal on the Ronin Wallet dashboard or by searching for "Ronin Network staking" in your preferred search engine.

Step 4: Select a Validator

In the staking portal, you'll see a list of validators. It's recommended to choose a Governing Validator, identifiable by a green checkmark next to their name. These validators have been vetted and are considered more reliable and secure.

How to Stake $RON Tokens on the Ronin Network: A Step-by-Step Guide

Step 5: Delegate Tokens

Once you've selected a validator, click the blue "Delegate" button located under their name. Enter the amount of $RON tokens you wish to stake in the provided field and click "Delegate" to confirm your action. A transaction prompt will appear in your Ronin Wallet, requiring your confirmation to proceed. Review the details and confirm the transaction to delegate your tokens.

How to Stake $RON Tokens on the Ronin Network: A Step-by-Step Guide

Managing Your Staking Activity

Step 6: View Your Staking Activity

After successfully staking your $RON tokens, you can manage all your staking activities through the Ronin Network's staking portal. Here, you'll be able to view your staked tokens, claim rewards, and perform other actions like moving or withdrawing your stake.

How to Stake $RON Tokens on the Ronin Network: A Step-by-Step Guide


Congratulations! You've successfully staked your $RON tokens on the Ronin Network. Staking not only contributes to the security and efficiency of the network but also rewards you for your participation. Remember to regularly check your staking dashboard for updates on your rewards and to manage your staked tokens. Happy staking, and may your contributions bolster the Ronin Network's thriving ecosystem.

How To Earn in Legends of Elumia

How To Earn in Legends of Elumia

January 8, 2024

MMORPG Legends of Elumia, has been making waves in legends of Elumia in the web3 gaming space as token values soar over 500% in the span of a week. If you're curious about how to turn your gaming hours into earnings, this is your go-to guide. But remember, the game is still in early phases, so let's explore with an open mind.

Starting Out: The NFT Gateway

To embark on your adventure in Legends of Elumia, a Hero NFT is your key. Yes, it's a pay-to-enter model, but here's the twist: your NFT grows with your Hero (character). Level up in-game, and your NFT appreciates in value, potentially fetching a higher price on the market. It's a digital asset that mirrors your gaming progress.

The Earning Mechanics

  1. Character Progression: As you enhance your character's abilities, your NFT's value climbs. It's a direct correlation between the time invested in leveling up and potential earnings.

  2. Acquisition of Dust and $EKS: In Legends of Elumia, 'Dust' is more than just particles in the virtual wind. You can convert Dust into $EKS, an in-game currency used for transactions or sold on the open market. The more dungeons you conquer, the more Dust you collect, leading to $EKS, and hence, real-world value.

  3. Trading In-Game Loot and NFT Items: Your gaming prowess can yield exclusive weapons, armors, and items, all of which are NFTs themselves. These can be traded or sold, adding another layer to your earning potential.

How To Earn in Legends of Elumia

Getting Equipped: The Marketplace

The in-game marketplace offers everything from potions to equipment, each influencing your gameplay. You can also sell items you've crafted or found during your quests, turning your in-game efforts into tangible rewards.

The Future: Land, Pets, and Beyond

Beyond battling foes, the roadmap hints at land ownership, pets, and even an intriguing water world. These features not only add depth to the game but could also introduce new earning avenues.

How To Earn in Legends of Elumia

The Bottom Line

The journey in Legends of Elumia intertwines gaming skills with strategic financial thinking. It's a blend of entertainment and potential earnings, but as with all investments, it comes with risks. The game is in its nascent stage, so tread wisely and enjoy the ride!

How to Participate in the $PIXEL Token Airdrop for Pixels Game

How to Participate in the $PIXEL Token Airdrop for Pixels Game

January 5, 2024

Are you ready to dive into Pixels and snag some $PIXEL tokens in their Season 2 airdrop? Here's a straightforward guide to help you navigate through the process.

Step 1: Access Contest Via Dashboard

After logging into Pixels, head to the top right corner and click on your dashboard. Click on "Contests" on the left naviagation menu and click on "Pixels Airdrop - Season 2" to view your progress and possible ways to collect points.

$PIXEL Airdrop Season 2 Contest

Step 2: Leaderboard and Points

The airdrop is limited to 7,000 users, based on a leaderboard system. Earn points by completing various activities in the game.

Step 3: Earn Points through Activities

Land Ownership: Owning land grants 3,000 points per land.

Quests Mastery: Complete quests such as the Tutorial Quest, Sunshine Quest, Barbecue Quest, Karen's Cool, and Jihoz's Friend for points.

Connect Twitter: Engage in tweet interactions for additional points.

Level Skills: Reach milestone like Heroic Farmer, Amped-Up Miner, and Egg Collector to earn points.

$PIXEL Airdrop Season 2 Contest

Step 5: Grind for Points

If you're a dedicated player, focus on grinding game activities. This includes collecting resources like wax and wood to climb higher on specific leaderboards (e.g., Wax Extreme Whisperer, Hardwood Hacker).

$PIXEL Airdrop Season 2 Contest

Step 6: Reputation Boost

Increase your overall ranking points by boosting your reputation. This can be significantly achieved by purchasing a VIP membership in the game, which offers various benefits and a reputation boost. Players have seen over 30% in boost from holding a high repuation score or "Trust" status.

Step 7: Referrals

Refer friends to Pixels for an extra 250 points. Use referral links for an easy point boost.

$PIXEL Airdrop Season 2 Contest

Remember, the Pixels airdrop is primarily designed for active players, rewarding those who engage deeply with the game. It's a mix of owning in-game assets and hardcore gaming. If you have further questions, consider joining live streams or community discussions for real-time assistance.

Happy gaming, and good luck with your airdrop adventure in Pixels!

How to Claim Free Avatar NFTs in Pixels Through the Mocaverse Collaboration

How to Claim Free Avatar NFTs in Pixels Through the Mocaverse Collaboration

December 1, 2023

Pixels, a game on the Ronin Network, has initiated a collaboration with Mocaverse, marked by the introduction of a new feature in the Terravilla area of the game. This collaboration offers players the opportunity to unlock free avatars by linking their Mocaverse account with Pixels.

Step-by-Step Guide to Unlock Free Avatars

Step 1: Visit the Moca Clubhouse

Players need to navigate to Terravilla in Pixels and locate the Moca Clubhouse at the top left after teleporting in.

How to Access Free Avatars in Pixels Through the Mocaverse Collaboration

Step 2: Linking Moca ID

Inside the Clubhouse, you will find a yellow door blocking the entrance to the top floor. Click on the door to connect the Moca ID. Players can do this by using their MetaMask wallet or email address.

Note: Alternatively, you can link your Moca ID via the Pixels Dashboard under 'Social'. 

How to Access Free Avatars in Pixels Through the Mocaverse Collaboration

Step 3: View Mocaverse Avatars

After successfully linking the Moca ID, log out and then log back into Pixels. Click on the blue 'Player' button on top right, then 'NFT Avatar' to see your new avatars. If the avatars still don't appear click 'Find NFTs' to refresh.

How to Access Free Avatars in Pixels Through the Mocaverse Collaboration

Step 4: Exploring Mocaverse

You can further explore the Mocaverse platform to participate in different activities and games for RP - potentially earning more rewards.

How to Access Free Avatars in Pixels Through the Mocaverse Collaboration

As of now, the collaboration is in its initial phase, focusing on the introduction of these avatars. The playground area introduced in the Moca Clubhouse is currently inactive, indicating that more interactive features and rewards are expected to be released soon.

Understanding Pixels' New Reputation System

Understanding Pixels' New Reputation System

November 21, 2023

Pixels recently introduced a new reputation system, designed to enhance the gaming experience and combat exploitative behavior such as botting. This system impacts players' abilities to trade and withdraw within the game.

Understanding the Reputation System

The reputation system assigns points to players based on their activities and social connections within Pixels. Players can check their own and others' reputation scores using a community-made tool, where they enter their wallet address to view point totals.

Goals and Thresholds

The system sets specific point goals for players to achieve a full experience in Pixels:

  • Trade Threshold: 700 points are required for basic trading, with unlimited trading set at 1,500 points.
  • Marketplace Participation: Selling on the marketplace requires 900 points, while buying needs 700 points.

These thresholds are designed to prevent bots from exploiting the game's marketplace.

Earning Reputation Points

Players can increase their reputation score through various means:

  • Connecting social media accounts like Twitter (100 points) and Discord (200 points).
  • Linking email (25 points) and phone number (200 points).
  • The age of the account also multiplies points; for example, an account aged 30 days earns 77 points.
  • Completing specific quests in the game also adds points.

VIP and Landowners

VIP players and landowners generally have higher reputation scores due to inherent benefits like VIP status (1,500 points) and land ownership.

Point Deductions

Points can be deducted for behaviors such as:

  • Account muting (-3,000 points).
  • Previous mutes (-500 points) and reports (-100 points).
  • Excessive gifting to other players (-250 points) and trading with low-reputation users (-25 points).

However, these deductions are not immediate and usually follow a trend of consistent negative behavior.

Checking Other Player Reputation

Players can use the reputation check tool to assess the reputation of others before engaging in transactions. For example, a player with a low score due to no social connections or quest completions whatsoever might be less desirable for trading.

Future Developments

Pixels plans to evolve this system, possibly introducing withdrawal thresholds for free-to-play players and further refining the criteria to ensure fairness and prevent exploitation.

The Pixels reputation system is a key development for integrity of the game, pushing for positive player behavior, and ensuring a fair trading environment. It's a dynamic system that may see further refinements and additions to align with the evolving nature of the game and its community.

Learning Pet Growth in Pixels: Your Guide to Nurturing Virtual Companions

Learning Pet Growth in Pixels: Your Guide to Nurturing Virtual Companions

November 13, 2023

Pixels, a popular game on the Ronin blockchain, has recently expanded its gameplay to include a new feature where players can grow their own virtual pets. The article discusses the pet system and the limited availability of Genesis Dino pets, which are a hot commodity in the game's market. Players can acquire these pets by participating in the carnival event, which is free for all players, or by purchasing them from the market. The pet system is in its early stages, and much remains to be discovered about how pets will integrate into the broader Pixels game world.

The Genesis Dinos: A Limited Collection

Within the Pixels pet system, the Genesis Dinos stand out as an exclusive group, limited to just 200 in number. Acquiring one of these rare pets is possible through active participation in the carnival event, or alternatively, they can be bought from other players on the market. With their high market value, there's a compelling reason for players to partake in the event before it ends.

Practical Steps to Pet Growth

Growing a pet in Pixels starts with obtaining a growth lab kit, which players then place on their own plot of land, whether it's a basic spec land or a more advanced NFT land. For the development of optimal pet traits, jumbo potions are recommended. However, for those with limited resources, smaller potions are also an option, albeit with potentially less effect on the pet's traits.

The Role of Potions in Pet Development

The significance of potions in Pixels is paramount; they are essential in defining a pet's traits like strength, speed, and luck. The full impact of these traits on gameplay is yet to be revealed, but they are expected to play a crucial part in the upcoming mini-games and potential battles.

Nurturing and Customizing Your Pet

After the pet hatches, the player's role shifts to caretaking, focusing on the pet's happiness and further trait enhancement. Proper feeding and hydration are critical for the pet's health, which is thoroughly outlined in the steps to prepare pet food on a grill, ensuring players can effectively cater to their pet's needs.

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